Excerpts from a selection of reviews of the 2000 edition of In Search of the Ultimate High:

The Lancet
“…sensitive and responsible approach to documenting profound experiences with ‘drugs’”

The Independent
“…the destinations reached by the contributions are profound, making this book a fascinating read”

Columbus Alive Wired
“A refreshing and comprehensive look at religion, drugs, and the ways in which the two complement each other”

The Source
“This easily-digested book pushes the work of Huxley and McKenna into the 21st century”

Green Events
“…a valuable guide to the current state of knowledge and provides some remarkable stories of what happens to people who dare to sweep aside the ‘doors of perception’”

Festival Eye
“…a general, but much needed, introduction to a fascinating subject”

The Freelance Informer
“This is a sensible, thoughtful and responsible book, well worth a look if this is your scene”

Weed World
“…an in-depth look at the links between mainstream faiths and drugs”