In Search of the Ultimate High:

“…comprehensively fills an important gap in entheogenic literature, combining ancient and modern history of visionary/revelatory use of sacramental plants and drugs with specific, practical information on entheogenic communion…both the culmination of and fitting tribute to the life and work of Nicholas Saunders, so tragically cut short”
Jonathan Ott

author of Pharmocotheon

“At last here is a book that tells the truth about psychoactive drugs… a guide and inspiration for anyone who has glimpsed the ineffable and wondered what on earth to do with their insight.
Susan Blackmore

author of The Meme Machine

“Nicholas Saunders, before his untimely death, had made superb contributions to the understanding and social acceptance of psychoactive substances, especially Ecstasy and the rave culture.
In the present work, completed by his wife Anja, he provides a historical overview of the role of psychoactives in religious and shamanic ritual contexts and an easy-to-understand, immensely practical guide to their sane and safe applications. I recommend it highly”
Ralph Metzner
author of The Unfolding Self and The Well of Remembrance

“This pioneering work is the testimony of a true spiritual seeker who has left us way too early. This book explores and examines the different ways of the respectful use of psychoactive substances for beneficial effects. Nicholas Saunders presents us a most serious guide for integrating the psychedelic experience into our spiritual path and personal life. A brilliant approach. Everyone on the vision quest should read this challenging book”.
Dr Christian Ratsch

author of Enzyklopadie der Psychoaktiven Planzen

“This book is rarer than the Ultimate High itself. It is a trustworthy, non-dogmatic, practical yet fascinating guidebook to the intersections of psychedelics and spirituality. Nicholas’s decision to write this book shortened his life but can deepen, enlighten and enoble ours. It is now up to us, the temporarily living, to continue with our own search, aided by the light that Nicholas and Anja have provided.”
Rick Doblin

Multi-Disciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies