We’re going to be putting In Search of the Ultimate High online, here, chapter-by-chapter to download and read for free in 2011.

Coming first in January 2011:

Preface by Alexander and Ann Shulgin
Introduction by Anja Saunders
Chaper 1: Drugs and spirituality?

Followed by

2 A Different Kind of Church
3 Psychoactives  in World Religions
4 Contemporary Shamanism for Westerners
5 Home Users of Psychoactives
6 Rave Spirituality
7 Before, During and After
8 Practical Information

We are releasing In Search of the Ultimate High under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share-Alike (BY-NC-SA) licence for everyone to read, share and remix. All you need to do is include the following attribution if you reprint any material from the book elsewhere:

In Search of the Ultimate High, written and researched by Nicholas Saunders, Anja Saunders, Michelle Pauli.

and agree to only use the material for non-commercial purposes.

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