In Search of the Ultimate High was originally published in 2000 by Random House. Eventually it went out of print, the rights reverted to the authors and we decided to create a special 10th anniversary edition of the book, with a fresh design, lightly revised text and a beautiful new Ultimate High covercover. It was published in 2010.

The full text of the book will be available to read for free online, but the hard copy of the book is a lovely object to own or to give as a gift. It’s only £9.99.

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Preface by Alexander and Ann Shulgin
Introduction by Anja Saunders
A guide to this book
1 Drugs and Spirituality?
2 A Different Kind of Church
3 Psychoactives  in World Religions
4 Contemporary Shamanism
for Westerners
5 Home Users of Psychoactives
6 Rave Spirituality
7 Before, During and After
8 Practical Information
Annotated Bibliography