The book:

In Search of the Ultimate High: Spiritual experience through psychoactives
by Nicholas Saunders, Anja Saunders and Michelle Pauli

Ultimate High coverThroughout history people have taken mind-expanding substances to explore the realms beyond the here and now. In Search of the Ultimate High looks specifically at the use of psychoactive drugs in the spiritual quest, from their use in different societies and religions to new age movements, rave culture and individual experiences.

This easy-to-understand, rational addition to the debate on drugs includes fascinating personal accounts of spiritual experiences on drugs ranging from LSD and Ecstasy to mushrooms, ayahuasca and ibogaine, along with clear medical and legal sections and an extensive bibliography.

“A rational and important addition to the debate concerning the use of psychoactives in our own culture”
Richard Rudgley, author of The Encyclopaedia of Psychoactive Substances

“An easy-to-understand, immensely practical guide to the sane and safe applications of psychoactives. I recommend it highly”
Ralph Metzner, author of The Unfolding Self and The Well of Remembrance

In Search of the Ultimate High was originally published in 2000 by Random House. Eventually it went out of print, the rights reverted to the authors and we decided to create a special 10th anniversary edition of the book, with a fresh design, lightly revised text and a beautiful new cover. It was published in 2010.

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